Global Gospel Publications  

​​​​​​​• An enhanced version utilizing the best insights of over a dozen best translations and over 65 years of Greek         inductive biblical and theological study and teaching.
• Corrects over a hundred serious mistranslations and many lesser ones.
• Strongly supported by lexicons, grammars, and theological dictionaries; also by significant versions, ie.                 Tyndale, Williams,Wuest, NLT, AMP, New Century, HCSB, etc.
• Brings out the fuller implications of Greek grammar/syntax: inflected forms, verb tense and aspect, particles,         conjunctions, word order, ambiguous voice, mode, & case forms.
• Utilizes the broad spectrum of possible word meanings and contextual cognate word study research of rare and   difficult words, eliminates transliteration by actually giving the meaning of the words, simplifies many                     unnecessarily obscure words and terms, utilizes English’s vastly larger vocabulary to express Greek nuances.
• Seeks a fuller sensitivity to contexts, historical/geographical background, culture, and the analogy of                     Scripture; resolves many problem passages and apparent harmony conflicts.
• Theologically sensitive, but seeks to eliminate theological bias; supports and clarifies many key biblical                 doctrines.
• Corrects a few flawed decisions of the UBS textual committee
• Breaks free from the King James Version translational rut.

Features of the Resurrection New Testament  Translation